About Me

Hi! I'm Carson Stowell!

Welcome to my website!


As an artist, I strive to create work that relates to human emotions and experiences. Through this I am able to put thoughts and feelings into words that I was never capable of doing before. Acting is an escape for me. It doesn’t only help me be something I am not, but it helps me be something that I am but didn’t know how to be or say.

While I primarily focus on acting, I cultivate my identity by immersing myself in all different forms of art while expressing it through multiple mediums. Ever since I was little I always gravitated where everyone's eyes were looking. Whether this was acting, music, or even basketball, I always put myself in a position of performance. 

As I move forward in this profession, I intend to help tell the stories that I needed to hear and that I feel others need to hear as well. I am willing to go into the deep depths of acting without a life jacket to create honest art. I put my whole heart into everything I do and in the words of my sister I will always continue to, "Do What You Love, Love What You Do."